Stretch and strengthen at DMU

September 17, 2013 —

Pain-Free PregnancyPregnancy is a time of emotional, personal and physical transition and transformation. Thankfully the effects of that physical transformation can be improved with exercise!

Maybe you have seen this video floating around on the internet, but I challenge you to watch it through different eyes. Pay attention to how her shoulder and head position change. Watch how her stride evolves. These changes come with weakness in some muscles (abs!) and tightness in other muscles (calves!).

Our physical therapy clinic is very pleased to begin offering an exercise class meant to decrease the effects of the postural changes that every woman goes through, minimizing pain and improving her ability to stay active throughout her pregnancy and post-partum period. 

Prenatal Stretch and Strengthen
Mondays, starting September 23
4:30-5:15 p.m.
9th Floor Clinic Building
$10/class or $45 for 5 classes

Drop-ins are welcome, or register online.