A big appetite for better eating

Two DMU electives serve up perspectives on food and nutrition at micro and macro levels. Students just eat them up.

A diet for disaster?

At the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, 4,700 people packed the Varied Industries Building to celebrate that much-maligned yet even more-loved meat: bacon. Was that just good fried fun or a sign of our epically bad eating?

Weighty Issues

Our out-of-whack eating and rising rates of obesity and chronic disease underscore the important role that health care providers, leaders and educators can play in counseling patients and creating programs that combat unhealthy fat. Members of the DMU community are responding.

Building a record of research success

Six years ago, the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery launched a strategic plan to foster research. That effort is now reaping rewards and generating new knowledge.

A life lived fully, joyfully

Whether she was teaching students, making anatomical models at midnight, enjoying time with family and friends or handing out hugs, Marjean Tryon Reed left a legacy of how to live.

Body donors are the ultimate teachers

Paul Thielking was an optometrist and Wendell Mohr was a watercolor artist, but both are among the hundreds of individuals who have taught critical lessons to DMU’s clinical students.

Minority health disparities: an all-American problem

Minorities in the U.S. have the poorest health status in all categories, says Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O., the first African American woman to serve as a medical school dean. That has serious consequences for all Americans.

Promoting better health that goes beyond ‘hit and run’

As part of DMU’s strategies for achieving sustainable, positive change in health care for underserved people, a group of students and faculty sought to suit local needs in St. Lucia.

DMU board member takes helm at Science Center of Iowa

Art Wittmack was among the Des Moines leaders who established a science center in Des Moines more than four decades ago. That was just the beginning.

“Sole sister” smiles at the Trials

DMU student Danna Kelly’s third marathon was a milestone: She was among the elite runners who competed in January in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials.

Unlocking the “Legos” of life

A new campus organization is giving students an advantage in the competitive, quickly advancing field of genetics. Alumni have a role in it, too.

DMU mourns former dean

As professor, dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine (now DMU) and vice president for academic affairs, Lawrence Jacobson, D.O., helped guide students and the University, including through a presidential transition and a major flood.