The wait is over

This year’s Mini Medical School begins this evening and runs for the five consecutive Tuesdays following. (February 7 – March 6, 2012) The theme this year is all about becoming the healthiest you possible. You will learn how to do this through the five keys to living a happier, healthier life. The 10 Pillars of […]

— Nicole Branstad

Unlocking the “Legos” of life

DMU has a new student organization that’s also a feather in the University’s cap: The Genetics Student Interest Group of Des Moines University recently made DMU one of only seven medical schools in the U.S., and the first and only osteopathic medical school, to earn affiliation with the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG). Alisdair […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: get mashed

Other than my occasional indulgence in a heap of crispy French fries, I’ve never been a big fan of white potatoes. It isn’t that they aren’t healthy; baked or boiled, they’re a fine source of potassium and fiber. I just find them bland unless they’re fried, covered in ketchup or bathed in butter and sour […]

— Barb Boose

Anatomy word of the month: Cruciate ligaments

“Cross-shaped” in Latin. In the knee joint are two ligaments that cross over each other, the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. These ligaments help stabilize the joint, in particular, to prevent the femur (thigh bone) from slipping too far forward or backward on the tibia (leg bone). The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is frequently torn […]

— Bill Dyche