How “Burger Palace” Bobby shed 10 pounds

As difficult as it can be to shed unwanted pounds, I’ve always thought it would be even harder for professional chefs. Surrounded by luscious foods that demand you taste them and having to create and try new dishes sound like irresistible temptations for most people.

But Food Network celebrity chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay, creator of the restaurant chain Bobby’s Burger Palace, says he’s lost 10-15 pounds over the past year not by extreme diets and work-outs but rather by making a few surprisingly simple lifestyle changes, reports Jennifer LaRue Huget,the Washington Post’s “Eat, Drink & Be Healthy” columnist. In addition to general moderation, Flay says he:

Sometimes, food star Bobby Flay says, you just have to drop the fork.
  • eats just three-quarters of food served to him at restaurants. “That cuts my calorie intake by 25 percent,” he notes.
  • works out to eat. Flay likes to run; any form of movement is a good idea.
  • puts down his fork when flavor flags. “If something doesn’t taste good, I stop eating it,” Flay told Huget.
  • avoids late-night eating.

These “small” changes work not only because they cut out calories, but also because they’re relatively easy to stick with. And when people stick with better habits, they feel better and experience positive change.

What’s your best advice for healthy eating and fitness? What’s your biggest challenge on the food front?

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