A soldier for the Union and for osteopathy

As the United States begins to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, DMU notes one of its connections to the epic conflict.

Good Grief

The profound blessing of modern medicine’s ability to prolong life can be a curse when a seriously ill person’s quality of life and wishes regarding end of life are on the line. How can providers help beyond giving physical care?

Goin’ for the Gold

Back in the 1990s, when medical educators and residency program directors expressed the need to recognize internship and residency applicants …

Friday recipe: griping and grilling (salmon)

I love having someone else cook for me as much as anyone. That “someone else” is almost always my spouse, …

“Lead, inspire, serve and dream big”

With May’s commencement ceremonies, DMU’s alumni community welcomed nearly 500 new members who were charged by University President Angela Walker Franklin to “relentlessly pursue knowledge, seek wisdom, give service and demand excellence.”

A colleague of many colors

The long-time professor of biochemistry – now emerita – and associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Osteopathic Medicine loves to improve processes, to teach the often-esoteric aspects of biochemistry and to dig in the dirt. Diane Churchill Hills has helped cultivate DMU’s high quality like the blooms in her garden.

Remembering the war that changed the nation

COM Dean Kendall Reed and Associate Professor Roy Lidtke discuss how the horrors, casualties and lessons learned during the Civil War helped transform both medicine and warfare.

Flying feathered fun

A DMU student and his team’s video game-inspired soapbox triumphed this spring in the wackiest event on wheels.

DMU faculty salute peers

One of DMU’s hallmarks is its exceptional faculty. In June, they honored four of their own: Laura Delaney, Tim Steele, Wayne Wilson and Vassilios Vardaxis.

‘Seize the day’ must be this student’s motto

If DMU were a buffet, Roberto Fernandez, D.O.’13, has helped himself to a very full plate. He’s now piled on a little more with an appointment on the executive board of the official “voice” of osteopathic medical students.

DMU honored for military support

When it comes to supporting America’s troops, DMU puts its money where its mouth is and stands by our soldiers.

Research that resonates

One of Maram Said’s dreams is to work in women’s health. The May graduate landed her first-choice rotation at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital in Indianapolis. She also explored women’s health through a research project that led to her presentation at a major professional conference in Washington, DC.