It’s Fat Tuesday!

We’re a long way from New Orleans but that doesn’t mean you can celebrate today!

I’m going to a pancake party tonight with gourmet treats by Melt Dessert Bar—I’m looking forward to the banana foster pancakes. There’s quite a few pancake suppers at local churches as well. You should at least flip up some flapjacks for yourself if you don’t have dinner plans. Or if you need some king’s cake today, check out Dahl’s Food or Hy-Vee bakery.

Fat Tuesday restaurant is having a crawfish and shrimp boil with live music if that’s how you want to celebrate! They also have sweet potato pie which is always delish. Or Prairie Meadows has free live music 3-7 p.m. And Hessen Haus has live music and beads and cajun food specials all day.

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