Friday recipe: pineapple ice cream

It’s been spring-like and sunny this week which turns my thoughts to ice cream and outdoor fun. (Who am I joking, I like ice cream year round!)

I’ve really been trying to live more healthfully and to that end, I can’t eat ice cream as much as I’d like. This weekend I poured almond milk over frozen berries and mashed it all up. I thought it was a delicious and healthy substitute but my husband voted it disgusting. Oh well, I tried!

So here’s a REAL recipe that you can make at home to have less fat than store-bought ice cream. It sounds like the delicious pineapple whip I eat at the Iowa State Fair each year!

30-second pineapple whip (by
1/2 cup soy milk
1/8-1/4 cup Splenda
1 pineapple (or frozen pineapple chunks!)

Cut pineapple into small wedges, including the core. Set aside and refrigerate one cup of pineapple for topping. If using fresh pineapple, freeze the chunks for your whip.

Put the soy milk in your blender, add frozen pineapple chunks and sugar. Blend on high speed. Scoop into dishes and top with non-frozen pineapple.

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