Research in translation

The biggest strength DMU brings to the translational table – open-minded scientists, clinicians, health care professionals, collaborators and students with a shared passion for serving patients through discovery and its application. Read this article from the Fall/Winter 2010 DMU Magazine  

— Seth Stevenson

Consider our socks knocked off!

The APMA recently held a “Knock your socks off” video contest for podiatric medical students to do a message about diabetic effects on the foot. Happy news — DMU’s own Justin Banks, D.P.M.’13, won with his video: Congrats, Justin!

— Courtney Tompkins

How do you eat your gravy?

I was looking for gravy recipes online and I couldn’t believe how many variations exists! I just wanted something to go with my meatballs and so I made one up. Pretty tasty, give it a try: 1 can condensed cream of chicken & mushroom soup 1 can beef broth ¼ cup flour dash of garlic […]

— Tea Nguyen

Our P.T. students are the best!

Of course we think our physical therapy students are pretty great, so we weren’t surprised that everyone in the D.P.T. class of 2011 passed their comprehensive examination! Good luck on your final clinical internships. Think you want to be a physical therapist? Applications to the 3-year doctor of physical therapy program are due January 14! The […]

— Andrea Cooley

Friday recipe: snickerdoodles

It’s officially the holiday season, which means eating healthy is twice as hard. I say a little fudge and eggnog in moderation is fine. If you’re looking for a less-sinful recipe, try this one for snickerdoodles from Cooking Light. These are only 54 calories per cookie. I think you deserve two! What’s your favorite holiday […]

— Andrea Cooley

Happy chanukah!

Today at sundown begins the Jewish celebration through Dec. 9. To all of you celebrating, we hope your Chanukah is as warm and bright as the light on the Menorah! Here’s some info on local menorah lightings! For the rest of you, here’s some history about the holiday!

— Courtney Tompkins

Anatomy word of the month: epoophoron

“Upon the egg-bearer” (Greek) refers to a cluster of blind-ending tubules near the ovary of the adult female that are vestiges (remnants) of a male reproductive system, at least, potentially male. Fetuses of both sexes start out with all the basic structures to equip them to develop either a female or male reproductive system including […]

— Bill Dyche

Research spotlight: Kim Tran

Kim Tran, M.D., Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the physiology and pharmacology department. His laboratory is interested in various aspects of cardiovascular biology and pathology, in particular the molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for vascular inflammation and dysregulation of vascular tone, conditions that are associated with the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension and many other cardiovascular […]

— Seth Stevenson