Friday recipe: breakfast fondue

December 31, 2010 —

Happy New Year’s Eve! Have fun & be careful tonight as you ring in 2011. In honor of what may be a long night that turns into a lazy morning with family or friends, today’s recipe is a fun breakfast idea.

Breakfast fondue – from

1 can (15 oz) sliced peaches in juice
1/3 cup maple syrup
2 tablespoons whipped light cream cheese
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of cinnamon
12 whole-grain mini-pancakes, mini-waffles or French toast fingers, warm

Combine peaches, maple syrup, cream cheese, vanilla and cinnamon in a blender or food processor and purée on high until smooth. It’s okay if there are a few lumps of cream cheese showing; they will disappear when you cook the peach mixture in the next step.

Pour the mixture into a pot. Warm it over medium- high heat, stirring often, until the cream cheese melts and the sauce is bubbling around the edges. Serve in a big bowl surrounded by whole-grain pancakes, waffles or French toast fingers, or a combination, for dipping.