Senior Health Fair

Saturday is a GREAT annual event at DMU — the Senior Health Fair!

From 8 until noon, our students, along with some students from Drake & ISU, will give up their own time to help citizens 50 and older. I think students from all nine of our programs are involved in some way.

Free screenings, tests and info of all sorts is available. Believe you me, I did the program & the amount of info & free preventive care is MIND-BOGGLING! Please tell all your family & friends who are 50+.

For many local adults this is the only way they can afford to have so many screenings. It’s not the equivalent of seeing specialists but it helps get the first step out of the way & gives them info to take back to a primary care doc for further evaluation and treatment, if needed.

For others, it’s the most convenient way to get an overall mini-checkup. Plus lots of our attendees just love meeting our students and enjoy the time spent one-on-one with such awesome “younguns.”

For our students, there couldn’t BE a better opportunity. They get to meet & interact with the public, help people live a more healthful live, help alert folks to future problems through screenings and more.

Another good experience for students with the fair is organizing a big event. The students have to coordinate what their club or group will be providing, line up the volunteers and supplies and create/find materials to use. Other students assist by doing media interviews or passing out flyers around town. These are all great skills, especially for those who may end up in a small practice or owning their own practice.

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