So wrong & yet so right….

August 21, 2010 —

It was wrong…it was scandalous…it may or may not have been some incarnation of evil itself. And yet, I still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it. On one hand, it was the most diabolical creation in all of the culinary arts, and it might single-handedly oppose all that I work for as a healthcare professional. On the other hand, it was delicious.

These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I sampled the “deep fried mac n’ cheese on a stick” at the Iowa State Fair.

I could just feel Hippocrates shaking his head and looking down with shame from the heavens, and somewhere in the DMU wellness center, I’m sure Joy Schiller was doing likewise. She must have known, somehow. Such a great and treacherous force of unhealthiness couldn’t possibly escape her attention.

I don’t regret it, of course – it really was delicious. Better yet, my heart started beating again just in time for me to move on to the “deep fried candy bar…on a stick.” See, I look at it this way – going on the treadmill once isn’t enough to make you healthy, so eating at the fair once shouldn’t be enough to give you type II diabetes. Besides, it was a special occasion (we’ve finished up our first ever exam of med school!)

For those who still have yet to try those foods that have hitherto existed only in their darkest imaginations, don’t forget that the fair ends on the 22 (THAT’S TOMORROW!).