Up, up & away!

Photo from www.nationalballoonclassic.com

Friday kicks off the national Hot Air Balloon Classic in Indianola, (a short hop south of Des Moines). This is such a fun, unique event. And if the weather is right, a great thing to do in the evening! It’s only $3 per adult and free for kids 12 or younger. OR bring a whole carload for $10. There are food and merch. vendors and usually kiddy rides, etc. along with all the hot air balloons to see.

My favorite part to see is at dusk when the balloons are all lit up against the night sky (like in the above photo). You can bring lawn chairs/blankets to sit in. No outside food or drinks or pets allowed.

8 responses to “Up, up & away!

  1. That is really cool. It is one heck of a site to see a bunch of them all airborne at once.

    A few years ago when I was on vacation, our house was actually on the news! (We live in the Chicago suburbs). We had a hot air balloon actually crash land in front of our house! Police, ambulance, news vans were all over the place. Thankfully, no one was injured.

  2. First of all I must appreciate you for choosing this title. The title is ideal for this post. This is a very unique festival celebrated over there and believe me this is the first time I came across such a festival. It would be a wonderful experience for the participant and the audience.

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