Summer bucket list

Summer is FLYING by way too fast, as it always does. At the start of the season, the best co-workers ever (my buddies here in the marketing department) & I started a “summer bucket list” on our office whiteboard so we would get outdoors a bit, try new places and spend more time together. It’s way too easy to work through lunch sometimes or eat at our desks. So we set a standing Wednesday lunch date and we try a place from the list.

Today our goal is to check out Tamale Industry. The only rule for the bucket list is it has to be new for one of us. Today’s will be extra fun because it’ll be new to ALL of us. I’m hoping to try a lunch tamale AND a dessert tamale.

What new place is on your list to try out? What place would you add to our list?

5 responses to “Summer bucket list

  1. This is a good initiative taken by you and your co-workers.A welcome change for sure and a monotony reducer as well.Like you, me too along with my co-workers try and eat out at least once in a week and preferably a new place as well.It depends on our mood basically.I feel all professionals should consider this option.

  2. Thanks for sharing this innovative idea with us. The condition imposed while making the list is really good. The item have to be new to one of you. Hope you enjoyed each an every item of the list. Stay well. Bye.

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