Stretching meals

I’ve spent so much money on spices without finding a go-to combination of spice so I’ve resulted to another ultimate lazy meal. You think you get a good meal out of ramen noodles? Try making it into TWO meals.

What I’ve done is saving the broth and cooking up another batch of noodles (try egg noodles or mung bean noodles to change it up – the Double Dragon grocery store on 2nd Ave. has a wide selection of noodles) making it meal #2. I really don’t drink the broth and just need it to soak some of the flavor for the noodles, so I do this a lot and it saves me so much time. Give it a kick with some frozen veggies and left-over meat.

Any pointers on stretching a meal?

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  1. I like using the broth the next day in the crock pot. Just throw in a small roast or chicken, add a little water & a little spices and it makes a great “soup” for the meat to cook in and gives it good flavor. Also, if we do ham for dinner, I like saving some and cutting it up in tiny cubes and making my husband a breakfast casserole the next morning. Yum! 🙂

  2. Hey Tea..good to hear from you after a long time.This is indeed a very smart move from you.I liked it but unlike you i like the broth too.Nevertheless this option is worth considering when in a situation like yours.Look forward to more such interesting ideas from you.Take care.

  3. Hello Tea.Thanks for sharing this useful tips.Many a times i feel lazy to make something elaborate,so therefore this method can be put to good use.Have a very happy weekend.

  4. Nice to hear from you again after a long time. The title of the post is quite interesting and the recipe too. I appreciate this move and expect some more delicious recipe in the coming days. Have a great time. Bye.

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