Stats to brag about!

DMU’s podiatric college had some great numbers recently related to the national board & surgical board qualification exams & I wanted to brag a bit about them…

•    The first-time pass rate on Part I of the National Board Exam for the CPMS class of 2011 was 98%. The national pass rate was85%.
•    The first-time pass rate on Part II of the National Board Exam for the CPMS class of 2010 was 93% compared to the national pass rate of 83%.
•    The pass rate for the June 2010 administration of Part III of the National Board Exam for CPMS graduates was 100%. The national pass rate was 89%.
•    The American Board of Podiatric Surgery recently released the first time pass rates for the Foot Surgery Qualification Exam. From 2005-2009 the pass rate for CPMS graduates was 89% compared to 76% for graduates of other podiatric colleges.

Way to go, podiatric faculty, staff & students!!

4 responses to “Stats to brag about!

  1. You guys are definitely doing something right to be consistently above the fold like that. Don’t think you can beat 100% on the administration portion either, you guys will have to come up with some other goals for that one 😉

  2. Going by the stats, this something really to brag about.Congratulations to the entire team.Wish you guys all the very best for all your future endeavors.Thanks for the updates.

  3. The above result would definitely add another feather to the crown of DMU. DMU have always been in the leading row as compared to others with outstanding results throughout. I wish DMU many more success in the coming time. Thanks for this Stats. Bye.

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