Hassle-free moving? There’s a catch.

I just saw this clip on Yahoo and I am amazed!

Imagine being a medical student on rotations and not having to worry about where to live – a portable house! Yes, it is less than 100 sq feet (yep, one hundred) but imagine the possibilities. You don’t have to worry about mortgage, utility bills, cleaning, and all that stuff.

Stuff!! It seems like the more space there is, there more STUFF fills it up. Isn’t that the truth. How sweet it would be to go on rotations and not have to pack and unpack every month. What do you think of the tiny house? To crazy for you? It is for me!

There’s more info on YouTube.

5 responses to “Hassle-free moving? There’s a catch.

  1. Yeah Tea i can totally understand.Lucky you.The worries that you ave mentioned are real worries and if that is taken of…then it could not be more satisfying.Hope more such good things happen to you.

  2. This is a piece of utter engineering. I’m still wondering as to how people manage to provide all the required amenities in such a small space. This is the best choice for those who moves from one place to another due to different causes. I specially love the bed in this mobile unit. Thanks for this wonderful piece of post. Bye.

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