Welcome PA students!

Today marks the first day of orientation for our new class of physician assistant students! We are excited to welcome the PA Class of 2012 to campus. This group of 50 students comes from eleven different states and a variety of backgrounds. The average GPA for the Class of 2012 is 3.55, and the average science GPA is 3.44. On average, they have over 2000 hours of health care experience!

Many of our incoming PA students were accepted into the program nearly nine months ago, so it has been a long time waiting to get started with their PA curriculum. And, once they’re done, job prospects look great. The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies is ranked #1 on Forbes “The Best Master’s Degrees for Jobs” list. The degree offers one of the best salary and employment prospects over the next decade.

The PA Program at DMU is 25 months, with the first year focusing on the didactic curriculum and the second year dedicated to clinical rotations.  To get an insider’s view of the PA program, you can read blog posts from PA class of 2011 student, Daley Dodd.

Interested in applying to the PA program? We are currently accepting applications for the class of 2013 and will begin interviews the end of August.

Welcome and good luck to our PA Class of 2012! We’re glad you’re here!

4 responses to “Welcome PA students!

  1. Hi Josh. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. It would be helpful for those who want to make a career as a physician assistant. These types of courses give hands on experience in the trade and thereby make them capable. My best wishes are with all the Pas. Bye.

  2. Josh- Thanks for the information regarding the incoming PA class… over 2000 hours of health care experience! Wow! I am curious to know their GRE scores as well because many of our clients are applying to PA school. (In fact, we’ve created our own GRE course). We also remind them that, like the info you’ve included here, GRE scores are not the only important thing. Admissions committees especially look for relevant experience.

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