Gyros, kabobs, music & more!

From 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. on June 5, you can pretend to be Greek. It’s Greek Food Fair time! It’s held at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. Admission & tours are free. Food is ala carte or $14 at the door for the whole meal. And it’s YUMMMMY!

2 responses to “Gyros, kabobs, music & more!

  1. I love Greek food and my all time favorite is Moussaka.Thanks a lot for all the details.The best thing about this fair is the fact that admission and tours is free.All in all a lovely yummy post to read.Look forward to more such updates.Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information with us. I hope the fair will offer most of all the Greek food that we came to know. It would be a wonderful experience for those who will visit the fair. Bye and take care.

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