Educating primary care physicians

Health care reform continues to be a hot topic and a recent article in the Business Record addresses the shortages of primary care physicians and how federal investments are aimed to help this.

DMU is doing its part by educating doctors and physician assistants to meet the growing needs of Iowans and Americans. As the largest medical school in Iowa, Des Moines University has more than 800 students in its doctor of osteopathic medicine program and 100 students in its physician assistants program.

Another interesting fact is that more doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.s) are primary care physicians than M.D.s. Did you know that?

Find out what some of our faculty and alums think about health care reform in a recent issue of DMU Magazine.

2 responses to “Educating primary care physicians

  1. Really a commendable initiative taken by DMU.With this program, the number of doctors in Iowa increases and therefore treatment of patients can be done on a faster basis.Thanks for the links.Will check them out as soon as i can.

  2. Primary care physicians are well-trained doctors to look after child health. It is a booming field of medical science where there is a huge demand due to the shortage of professional. The DMU course will prove to be useful to the aspirant. Thanks.

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