Great outlook for Des Moines!

Kiplinger picked Des Moines for their “10 best cities for the next decade” list which is pretty awesome. So rest assured, the next 10 years in Des Moines are guaranteed to rock.

As if there were any doubt!

2 responses to “Great outlook for Des Moines!

  1. O wow Courtney!This is indeed an awesome news.I am so glad Des Moines made it.7th position is a damn good and great to read the place is developing further.I have bookmarked that page.Will read further details soon.I am sure the place is and will rock in the future too and people will want to go and settle in the place even more than before.Great news to read in the morning.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  2. It was a great job by Kiplinger to choose the 10 best cities. It needs intensive research to do such intricate job. This was done based on a number of parameters. Thanks for keeping us informed and providing the link. Bye.

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