An intro to CHS Alumni Association!

Welcome to the first official blog from the College of Health Sciences Alumni Association. Many of you may not know about our group, so I thought I would make the introduction. Our Alumni Association is a comprised of all the College of Health Sciences programs and many functions are collective activities with students &/or staff and faculty. We are still new ‑ we started only a few years ago and the word is still spreading to all of alumni, so share the word and connect your classmates to us! The CHS association is designed to support the College’s mission and be a liaison between alumni and current students. If you are interested in finding out more, visit www.dmu/alumni.Okay, enough about the details, let’s talk about the fun stuff!  Our alumni have been very busy. I want to throw out a special “thank you” to Fritz Nordengren, an M.P.H. alum, for speaking at the Iowa Association for Healthcare Quality Annual meeting in April. Fritz, as many of you know, is a faculty member for the M.H.A. and M.P.H. programs. His presentation was about the link between personality types and quality improvement and there were some outstanding comments about his presentation. Thanks Fritz for representing the DMU programs and proving CHS alumni shine!

I know many of you are just as engaged in your profession and also spend countless hours contributing just like Fritz. We want to hear about the activities and events that “showcase” our CHS alumni.  Please feel free to send this type of info to the alumni office so we can share your news.

-Sarah Pavelka

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  1. First of all I want to congratulate CHS Alumni Association for marking their presence in the blogging world. It is a great media to express their views and to be in contact with those who missed their connection. I wish them best of luck and will look forward to their blogs. Bye.

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