The Bodies exhibit!

The human body is a beautiful, amazing thing! I’m always interested to learn more about how it works and what it really all  looks like under the skin. For that reason I’m excited to hear the “BODIES” exhibition is coming to Omaha, which isn’t that far away. It’s an exhibit of real human bodies preserved with polymer for education. The exhibit shows how different health conditions impact anatomy.

I know some DMU students and staff have seen the exhibit in Minneapolis or Kansas City, I think. Have you seen it? What were your thoughts? Will you drive to Omaha to  check it out?

11 responses to “The Bodies exhibit!

  1. Wow..that’s really exciting!I haven’t seen anything of this kind in the past so this is really a fascinating news for me.You are really lucky as you’ll get to experience something of this sort.Please update me with the whole thing i.e. after you have seen it.Look forward to hearing from you soon.Thanks a lot for this news.

  2. I saw the bodies exibit in vegas last year. I think you’ll love it. to me the best part was the portion about sports. you can see a body throwing a football with all of the muscles intact! Actually it’s really neat. I hope you have fun

  3. I saw the Bodies Exhibit in Chicago. It’s fascinating. Especially seeing what diseases do to the various organs. I highly recommend people take the chance to see this!

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