How health reform affects you

The health reform act signed by President Obama on March 30 is a hot topic whether you’re a clinician, a student or a patient. If you are wondering what it means for you, we found some documents that do a good job of summarizing the facts.

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) provides a good overview of what is of interest for doctors and medical students in the bill here. It includes information about incentive payment for primary care, Medicaid, graduate medical education, teaching health centers, prevention and wellness, workforce provisions, Title VII reauthorization, primary care extension program, national health service corps, rural health and research.

The bill also deals with federal financial aid program. Read what AACOM says about student loan reform revisions.

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2 responses to “How health reform affects you

  1. You are right, this is a hot topic. I’m interested in seeing if there are any incentives for future generations to apply to medical schools. I read about the University of Texas having a three-year medical school for those who are committed to primary care so they don’t have to do all the elective rotations in the typical 4th year. This might be a start!

  2. My question is how it will affect small businesses and small practices. Maybe I’m just confused about it all but it seems like doctors lose incentive when they are forced to take medicare on a much more massive scale. So they take a pay cut and still have to keep up with the overhead. Will America’s best and brightest seek to become medical professionals or will they find a different careers? I think America has the best medical practitioners in the world. I would like to see that continue.

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