Happy public health week!

Watch this video for 2010 National Public Health Week and consider how you can help.

A recent survey, commissioned by the American Public Health Association, shows an effort toward improving community health. Results show 64 percent of Americans have already made healthy changes to their lifestyle while 21 percent are thinking about making healthy changes.

Our county health department has this great interactive page to learn about ongoing public health efforts here in Polk County. We, of course, have an awesome public health program and our students & grads are out doing great work all over. Some upcoming public health efforts here at DMU or nearby:

How can you help improve public health? You can encourage preventive care, regular checkups, healthful dietary habits, proper exercise and other good-for-you habits!

4 responses to “Happy public health week!

  1. Thanks for providing the video.It was awesome!!DMU is doing a commendable job by organizing and arranging such occasions.This will certainly help increase the awareness level with regard to health among the general public in America.Hope more such events are initiated in the future too by DMU people.Look forward to it.Thanks.Do keep me updated.

  2. I’ve decided to follow my own motto, “Just keep moving!” Whether its walking, biking, running, or fidgeting, I’m trying to stay active most days of the week. I’m glad we have a nice gym to do it in. Plus, the sun is coming out so I can stroll and gaze at the beautiful homes in our neighborhood. As future physicians, we might as well practice what we preach!

  3. We have spent a considerable amount of time trying to make a useful resource for future Master’s in Public Health students. We felt the existing MPH school lists were not comprehensive, easy to find, and many websites have outdated information and links. We hope that it will save time and be a benefit to students searching for an MPH degree. Your school is listed under Iowa.

  4. I will be honest, we weren’t even aware of the National Public Health Week! Really enjoyed your interactive page though (especially the clickable map of public health projects) — I wish there were more authoritative free resources like that in our space.

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