Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Surely you’re wearing green or have been pinched by now! St. Patrick’s day has become a fun tradition for the Irish and wannabe-Irish all over. Did you know it actually started as a religious holiday? If you’re interested, check out this Wiki page on the history of today and why we wear green and shamrocks!

I’ve never experienced a St. Patty’s celebration like the one in Manhattan. There were more folks from Ireland there to celebrate than Americans I think! It was a crazy party. Have you ever seen the green river in Chicago? Or the huge parade in New York?

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  1. Thanks for the link of the Wiki page.In fact i did check it out sometime back for the details on St.Patrick’s Day.My knowledge has increased much more now.Surprised to read that there were more Irish in Manhattan celebrating the day than Americans!Nope i haven’t seen both i.e.the green river in Chicago or the parade of New York.

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