Fresh produce sold locally?

I encourage you to take a look at this website and  learn more about locally grown produce provided by farmers who just want you to eat fresh and healthy foods. By purchasing from this website, you are investing in your local community and reducing your carbon footprints. Now that is something to chew on.

Once you’ve tasted the sweetness a freshly picked tomato, you may never want to pick one up at a grocery store ever again.

Share your local harvest story with us!

2 responses to “Fresh produce sold locally?

  1. I’d love to get fresh produce from a CSA. Have you gotten eggs or chickens from Sugar Creek before? Are there any other farms like this in or around Des Moines?

  2. I am very interested in permaculture farming and would be interested in anyone that has more information on this type of farming.

    It seems that it’s hard to find information on the Net unless you sign-up for certified classes, which are always to far from where I live… anyone know of any online courses or good books?

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