Crazy combos

Some days, I crave for a snack that comes in pairs like strawberry + Cool-Whip, pretzels + peanut butter, chips + salsa, and especially McDonald’s fries + ice cream cone…really! If you have not tried this sweet and salty pair, give it a try. You might be surprised at how lovely this pair can be.

I’ve heard of some strange combos that I have not personally tried but are apparently common in some families. Have you heard of Laughing Cow cheese with bananas? I mean I do like both, separately though, I just haven’t had the desire to change the flavor of my banana. I like my fruits fresh or with whipped cream but with cheese? I haven’t thought about that!

What crazy pairs do you most enjoy?

14 responses to “Crazy combos

  1. That’s too funny! My four kids have always dipped their McDonald’s fries into the ice cream. I wonder psychologically what that means????

    People look at me funny when I dip grilled cheese into catsup.

    To each his or her own, I guess!

  2. Fruits with cream?Well even i have never tried such a combination in the past.In fact i feel it’s a crazy combination..can’t really recollect any strange combinations that i have tried recently.I would surely like to try out the one that you spoke sounds absolutely yummy!Would like to see how so many items taste together.Thanks a lot for the post.You have made me hungry now.

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