Good food reviews!

On Friday when I got home from work, my husband surprised me with having dinner and hotel reservations ready for a night out (he is THE BEST) and we hit up Centro, one of our favorite dinner spots. We devoured the pancetta-wrapped gulf shrimp that we love, gobbled up the focaccia bread, then I had the chicken & proscuitto penne. DELISH! It’s hard to try new dinner places when we have some we love so much!

Last week I stumbled across two sites I’d never seen before that rated, reviewed or shared info about Des Moines eateries. So check out TheTopDesMoinesRestaurants or SneakySunday.

How do you find new places? Do you look up reviews before you try ’em or just jog on in?

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  1. I enjoy the comments about good eating places in DSM. Ever tried the Chef’s Kitchen in Beaverdale? It is on the corner of Franklin & Beaver(??). by the Dahls store, run by Steve & his family. They are the only ones I know who use the original recipe of steak-de-burgo ( a sensational Des Moines only phenomenon) from Johnie’s Vets Club.
    We can talk for hours about the Vets Club, long gone since, a victim of 1993 floods.It was south of 63 rd street & Railroad ave in West Des Moines.
    Have a nice day,

  2. I usually look up reviews on Yelp before going to a restaurant. If the place is bad, Yelpers will definitely let you know…

    Our favorite DSM restaurants are Centro, Django, Woody’s Smoke Shack, and Gateway Market.

  3. Hey that’s sweet of your husband.On the contrary,i like to try out new eating places.The details you gave about the food certainly sounds delicious.Thanks a lot for sharing details on the eateries.Nope i am not much of a review person.Like to jog on in.

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