Get a degree without leaving home!

Want to advance your career in health care but don’t think you have time to go back to school? Think again! Des Moines University has three programs that you can complete online: Master of Health Care Administration, Master of Public Health and Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Online classes offer convenience and flexibility for students who want to continue working while taking classes. Online classes at DMU are not self-paced, meaning each class has a specific start and stop date with deadlines throughout the course. This means students must be self-disciplined to finish assignments on time.

The application deadline for the M.H.A. and M.P.H. programs is March 1. Classes start May 1. Find admission requirements and the online application for M.H.A. here and M.P.H. here.

There is no application deadline for the PPDPT program. Once you fill out an applicationand are accepted you can start classes right away!

Want to know more about online classes and how they work? Check out these FAQs for each program:

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  1. Online classes at DMU use a learning management system, called Angel. Students log into Angel, and can click on any of their course sites. Once a student is in their course site, they can access lectures, PowerPoints, documents, videos, links, discussion boards and the place where assignments are submitted (called a dropbox).students communicate using the weekly discussion board, course mail or instant messaging.

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  2. Wow…this is awesome news!! DMU has taken a step in the right direction.Thanks for providing all the details.The program being online and flexible i am sure many will show interest.Hope you guys get a good response for this kind of a program.Do keep me updated with more such news.

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