Catch some tunes Saturday

D.O. student Amy Hynek is not only insanely smart and ready to graduate in May but she’s also musically talented and plays in a family band with her sister, brother & dad, in between classes and rotations! Pumptown is a folk/country/rock band that has performed all over Iowa and will do a show here in Des Moines Saturday. The show starts at 7 at Vaudeville Mews. Tickets are for sale on or at the door. They have a new CD out (their fifth!) so even if you’ve heard them before you may hear some new tunes this weekend! This may be Amy’s last show as a student, not a doctor!

Each band member sings, plays several instruments and writes lyrics for songs ranging from the beautiful “More Love” to the environmentally friendly “Greenspace” to the sardonic “Brain in the Pants Syndrome.” Many tunes are lyrical; others are raucous toe-tappers that feature Amy playing drums she’s collected on the family’s worldwide travels. The band has been described as folk rock, rock, country, polka and more.

“Our songs are eclectic – they vary so much by song,” Amy says. “We’re influenced by our traveling around Iowa, the U.S., Mexico and other countries.”

Here’s a video of Pumptown at a show (if you’re reading this on email, click HERE to see our site & the video):

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