Oprah loves Iowa!

O, the Oprah Magazine recently listed 100 things getting better. Iowa made the list. The only state with such an honor! It’s a random mix of polarizing reasons for why Oprah thinks Iowa is even better than before but hey, we’ll take it…  Here’s the entry (links put in by me):

32. Iowa— Legalizing gay marriage in 2009 + producing artisanal charcuterie (try La Quercia’s organic prosciutto) + University of Iowa football landing among the top 25 college teams for the fifth time this decade + ranking second on MainStreet.com ‘s Happiness Index = one seriously happening Hawkeye State.

One response to “Oprah loves Iowa!

  1. Firstly congratulations to lowa for making the list.Being the only state..it’s a matter of pride for sure.Thanks a lot for giving the link.Will surely check them out.Proud moment for the football team too..great news.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

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