Easy garlic smashed potatoes

January 27, 2010 —

Freshly roasted garlic is, by far, my most favorite form of garlic. You can substitute fresh garlic for garlic powder if that’s what you have. This recipe serves as a wonderful side dish to pair with your protein like steak, chicken or honey- baked ham.

In a piece of aluminum foil:
-put in 8 garlic cloves, peeled
-cover with olive oil
-add a dash of salt
-close up the foil and bake in a small oven at 350F for 40 minutes.

On stovetop:
-place the potato of your choosing (as many as you want to eat; try the fingerlings since they’ll cook faster & taste more buttery) in a pot of water + boil for 20-25 minutes.

-When done, dump the water, place cooked potatoes in a mash-able bowl and aggressively smoosh the life out of it with a fork (or handmixer) until smooth.
-Mix in the roasted garlic, salt to taste, 1-2 Tablespoons of butter, and some milk (2%) to smooth it all out
-For extra yumminess, sprinkle in cheddar cheese while the potatoes are still hot

So easy, even a lazy girl can do it (that would be referring to me).