Wellness all around us.

veggiesAccording to Gallup poll results, Iowa is the 4th highest state in well-being. Does that seem surprising or is it what you’d expect?

What do you think contributes to our overall wellness? Is it access to fresh fruits & veggies? Locally-grown meats and fresh dairy products? Is it our friendliness and attitude of helping our neighbors? All the fresh air and smoke-free businesses? Is it the culture of hard-work and self-sufficiency that comes from our rural roots?

Some groups that encourage Iowans to be healthier are the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium and the Wellness Council of Iowa. What are other groups working toward improved health in our area? How can we continue to support this culture of wellness?

One response to “Wellness all around us.

  1. I think the pace of the lifestyle here is not as hurried or rushed as compared to living in CA. Perhaps that has something to do with how we enjoy our foods too – fresh and minimally processed. And of course, supporting our local growers!

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