Public health thank you!

Today is Public Health Thank You Day. If you’ve never thought about what public health officials do for you, consider the fact that they are the people who make sure our drinking water is safe, the air we breath is clean and provide vaccines for seasonal flu and other illnesses. Next time you see someone working to promote public health, take a minute to thank them!

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  1. The American Public Health Association joins Research!America and other leading U.S. public health organizations in celebrating Monday, November 24, 2008, as Public Health Thank You Day.

    Occurring just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Public Health Thank You Day provides a great opportunity to thank our public health colleagues, state and local health department officials and all the other public health heroes who work each day to keep us safe and healthy. I really like this event. we can help each other.

  2. It’s a very important issue..i.e.public health.On this day i would like to thank them…..they deserve every praise.It’s because of them we are being able to lead a healthy life.Thanks for the post and more importantly making me aware of such a day.

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