Racing what?

Our DMU Webmaster Seth and his lovely wife Becky went to Prairie Meadows Friday to see ostrich, camel & horse races. He took a little video for you:

You just never know WHAT you’ll find to see for free in Des Moines!

5 responses to “Racing what?

  1. It was a first for me as well, and it was HILARIOUS. Pretty much everyone fell off of their ostrich right when the gates opened up.

    Also, what you don’t see in the video is that another ostrich got loose and ran around the entire track.

  2. I’m from Des Moines and it was my first time watching the ostrich race. It was very entertaining especially when one of the ostrichs decided to run the whole track on its own. Also of course most everyone fell off when the gates opened and the winning ostrich hand noone riding it at the finish line!

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