Physical therapy in St. Lucia

St Lucia has been quite the eye-opening experience on many levels. The health system here, as far as physical therapy is concerned, is very good but needs further development. The people do very well with the resources available to them but they need so much more.

We had the opportunity to do some community outreach working at home health and at the local elderly home. Home health was very heart-wrenching to say the least. Very depressing as there is no transitional stage between hospital care and home. The elderly home was well-run.  The patients were very clean and well taken care of.

My experience in St. Lucia has left me motivated and eagar to make a difference in the world and to better myself as a future physical therapist.

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  1. Hello Katie,
    Did you work at the public hospital in the capital, Castries, at one in the south of the island (Vieux Fort) or perhaps at the private hospital? I am interested in what the opportunities are for full-time, US-trained physical therapists in Saint Lucia. Not sure whether the population or need is large enough to support an entire practice or whether it would be only periodic work, maybe for a few months each year. Any views on whom it would be sensible to contact in Saint Lucia with such a question?


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