Coupon clipping is for everyone!

Lookie at what I found, coupons online! I’m going to admit our past-time favorite moments is going to include finding great deals in the Val-Pak mail and online deals. It is so fun hunting for bargains that it really should be a sport. And if you cringe at calling this a sport, imagine how I […]

— Tea Nguyen

State fair countdown…

37 days ’til the Iowa State Fair begins! WOOOHOO!! I love our fair.   State Fair screenings, 2008 Mark your calendar for two very special days at the fair – Aug. 15 & 16. These are the days our wonderful clinicians and students will be performing BMI and blood pressure screenings, FREE, in the Farm […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Holiday weekend fun!

In case celebrating America’s birthday AND having a 3-day weekend is not exciting enough for you, there’s TONS to do around Iowa this weekend!! A huge event downtown is the 80/35 music fest. I went last time and it was AWESOME. If you buy a ticket you can see tons of bands. If you don’t […]

— Courtney Tompkins

DMU is Living United

Des Moines University is serious about community service. We do SO many projects every year it’s hard to keep track of them. So when United Way of Central Iowa had a contest for videos describing how an organization “Lives United,” I knew we had to enter. Here’s our video:   What do you think?? United […]

— Courtney Tompkins

Anatomy word of the month: philtrum

Why would that dimple under your nose be called a “love potion”? In ancient times when people did not bath regularly, ladies placed a drop of perfume between the two raised ridges of their upper lip. It was intended to disguise both their own smell and that of their lovers. These two ridges on either […]

— Bill Dyche

Student research spotlight: Bao Vu

Vu first became involved in scientific research during his junior year, when he had the opportunity to join Dr. Dao’s lab in Drake University. Since the lab was interested immune-suppressed diseases, he focused on cloning, isolating, purifying and obtaining the 3-D structure of Ubiquitine Binding Protein #43 (UBP 43), a human immune suppressor. Following the experience […]

— Seth Stevenson

Faculty awards

The following three annual Des Moines University faculty awards were recently presented: Outstanding Teacher: Daniel Deavers, Ph.D., professor of physiology/pharmacology. Outstanding Researcher: Wayne Wilson, Ph.D., assistant professor of biochemistry/nutrition. Outstanding Scholar: James Mahoney, D.P.M., associate professor of podiatric medicine

— Courtney Tompkins

Moving day!

As you may know, a great number of DMU students live near campus.  I watch them from my window every day as they dodge cars on Grand Ave. on their way to class. The last few weeks has been another spectacle entirely – moving mayhem!  Students, friends, parents, little siblings – all helping move belongings […]

— Gina Smith