Mmm, tomatoes!

easy-pastaSo as I sit here and stare at the delicious collection of cherry tomatoes collected from our neighbor’s plant (we’re plant-sitting for the week), I’m thinking Easy Breezy Pasta for lunch.

This is a super simple recipe to use up tomatoes:

Combine 2 handfuls (or more) of cherry tomatoes + oodles of whole garlic cloves + a drizzle of olive oil + salt + pepper in an oven-friendly container (I use aluminum foil). Bake 20-30 minutes at 350* F. When done, mix in cooked pasta and top with fresh basil.


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  1. I practically made this same dish a few days ago… however, if you want a bit more richness and creaminess to it… try adding a spoon of white cream cheese to the hot mix… a bit less healthy but I used low fat cream cheese …

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