Happy father’s day

My dad (and lil brother in the background) showing the Christmas gift I got him last year, a chihuahua dressed like Zorro.
My dad (lil brother in the background) showing the Christmas gift I got him last year, a chihuahua dressed like Zorro.

It’s not just anybody who will proudly wear a tie with a rubber chicken on it, especially while doing hospital rounds. If you know my dad, however, you would likely not be shocked by such a tie. You wouldn’t even have to see his rainbow trout tie or police line-do not cross tie to know he sometimes colors outside the lines.

The crazy ties he wears are from me – I love picking out odd things that’ll make him laugh. My dad is one of the best docs in the world (the world according to me anyway) so of course he’s a DMU grad – class of ’92. He’s brilliant, hard-working and has a super cheesy sense of humor. He’s extremely dedicated to my mom, his kids & patients. Oh and he makes the best cup of coffee!

So what did I inherit? Yep, his super cheesy sense of humor. Also his paranoia of random, extremely rare injuries happening during everyday activities. Oh, I’ve also been stopped in various places, while by myself, and asked if I was Dr. Glenn’s daughter, so apparently I also inherited some facial resemblance. Other than not wanting to look like a man, I’m very thankful I have some of my dad’s traits cuz he’s a pretty awesome guy.

This weekend is father’s day and it’s a great reminder to each of us to thank that special man who put up with us through toddler and teenage years yet still loves us.So thank your dad, you wouldn’t be here without him!! (I warned you ’bout the cheesy humor so I can’t be held responsible). Do something nice for him. Gifts aren’t always in packaging. Take him fishing or out to lunch or just call and tell him how much you appreciate him.

Also, please post comments on why your dad is cool &/or what you’re doing for him for father’s day! (If you read this and DON’T comment I will most certainly tattle on you!)

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  1. Your very blessed to have a good father. In my case, i adore my dad a lot because he always their to listen, love and share some stories with us. Happy father’s day to your dad and to all the daddies in the world. To my dad, happy father’s day and i love you.

  2. Weird, sounds like my dad! He is pretty amazing also, I would just like to add that he is always around when you need him. Loves unconditionally, is always up for some mischief, and always good for a cheesy inside joke.
    Here’s to you Dad, Love ya!

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