Is anyone Audiobooking?

There’s a special membership deal at (or at least there was when I last visited) for books on audio! What a concept. Not only do I get the chance to catch up on all the books people are talking about, I can listen to it while at the gym, or when laying in bed when my eyes are too tired to read. Granted, reading is fun when I actually have the time and energy to prop myself up against my head board before bed time. It’s just that my body resists any more effort from sitting upright after a long day of studying.

Often times I prefer audio books over movies because I can just let my imagination run wild (and I cut down on the electricity too).

I’m currently listening to Barack Obama’s “Audacity of Hope,” narrated by the man himself. Any other suggestions out there?

2 responses to “Is anyone Audiobooking?

  1. I am a long-time audio book nut due to a long commute. I have found that many local libraries have nice selections of audio books. That price is right for college students! Barnes and Noble also frequently has audio books in their sale sections.

  2. My husband and i listen all the time on long car trips and during exercise.

    Audible has a section that rates the best audiobooks of the year. I have heard many of them. That is a good place to start.

    The ones that stand out are the HIS DARK MATERIALS series (the golden compass.. because every voice is a different actor) and a story about a murder investigation in New ORleans after katrina, it is part of the dectective dave Roubicheaux series by James Lee Burke.
    COld mountain is read by the author Charles Fraizer, and his voice is hypnotic.

    Happy listening….
    kym vogt

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