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Choosing a school or being successful in school can often depend on finding the right care for your child. I was asked, via Facebook, for some help finding childcare in Des Moines so here you are…

DMU has a partnership with Children’s Garden next door that gives students & staff priority consideration for openings. To learn more, click here. However, I’ve heard that the waiting list can get long so I’ve asked Chris Mohr in Student Services to share his personal experiences, in hopes that it’ll help you.

Chris says…

When we first moved here, I actually took two routes and then when we needed another babysitter, we went a third route.  

My first daycare provider was actually a wife of a third-year D.P.M. student. I actually posted an ad in the DMU classified ads because our daughter only needed one day of daycare a week and oftentimes it is nearly impossible, if not impossible to find someone to take a child one day out of the week. 

The other  route I went was to look at the new student portal. Under “My Communities” on the portal, you will find an option of “New Student.” On this page you will find a tab that says “Moving to Des Moines.” On the lower left hand corner, there is a childcare/schools box. The link is different from the one when I first started, but it should provide the same sort of information (location, cost, reviews).    

Once my daughter’s daycare provider moved because of rotations, the next route I took was to post an ad on CraigsList. I would not recommend this as a first step if you’re aren’t familiar with Des Moines because you can get responses from all over town and not know where they are in proximity to DMU.   

I felt the DMU classified ad was the most effective route because most students (and therefore their families) are near campus and are looking for extra income. On a student end, it may be a way to meet other students and families of students by getting into a family network.  

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