Bike or run? Get tuned up!

bikeWhether you wear those tight lil shorts and pedal ’round town or tie on your tennis shoes and tear down a trail, you should have care tailored to your sport.

The DMU Running & Cycling Clinic combines physical therapy expertise with the awesome technology of the Human Performance Lab and whaaalaaa, you have a place perfectly tailored to help you reach your personal peak of performance. They can do video analysis, 3D motion analysis of your joints, test your anaerobic capabilities, your muscle activity and medically-fit you for the right bike. They can help you recover from an injury OR just tune you up ’til you’re road-ready!

And, of course, if you have a foot or ankle injury related to your sport, the docs in Running & Cycling will refer you to the docs in our Foot & Ankle Institute. This is the largest practice of podiatric physicians and it happens to be in the very same building.

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