2009 CPMS research day winners

March 30, 2009 —

The winners of the 2009 CPMS Research Day poster and case presentations have been announced. Congratulations to everyone who won, and thanks to all who participated in making the event a success.

The winners are:

Student Category:
Ankle joint stiffness in plantar fasciitis subjects versus control
Jonathan Thompson, D.P.M. ’11; Jeremy Tilton, D.P.M. ’09; Matt Wettstein, D.P.M. ’09; Vassilios Vardaxis Ph.D.; Shane McClinton, M.S.P.T.; Bryan Heiderscheit, P.T., Ph.D.

Faculty Category:
A Comparison of Central and Peripheral Bone Density in Diabetic versus Non-diabetic Patient Populations
Robert Yoho, D.P.M., M.S., FACFAS; Jill Frerichs, D.P.M., AACFAS; Vassilios Vardaxis, Ph.D.; Heejeong Jung, D.P.M. ‘09

Case Study Category:
Navicular Stress Fractures in Runners: A Review of Evaluation and Management in Two Competitive Athletes
Shevonne Wells, D.P.M. ’11; Robert Yoho, D.P.M., M.S., FACFAS

Symptomatic Peroneus Quartus with Concomitant Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear: A Case Report
Collin E. Pehde, D.P.M., AACFAS, Timothy D. Howard, D.P.M. ’09; Joshua J. Mann, D.P.M. ’10