OMM community night!

OMM is hands-on!

If you’ve ever wondered what OMM* is, have an ache or pain, or just want to see our awesome D.O. students in action, don’t miss OMM Community Night on October 16!

From 6 til 9 p.m. our students will be providing free full-body structural/muscular assessments and treatments. It’ll be in the OMM lab in the Student Education Center, 3300 Grand Ave. Plus you’ll get a chance to look around, meet some neighbors, enjoy some refreshments, meet our awesome profs & students. Everyone will be happy to answer any questions you have about DMU, osteopathic medicine or OMM. 

Oh & did I mention, it’s FREE?


* OMM = osteopathic manipulative (or manual) medicine. It’s a hands-on treatment to diagnose & treat people, part of the holistic outlook central to osteopathic medicine.

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