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DMU Global Health
Have you wondered about going on a medical service trip or thought about an international rotation? If considering either of those options leaves you with more questions, we have a page for you! Check out the DMU Global Health dept.’s FAQs!

This page will tell you about the application process, costs, available options, vaccinations, insurance and more!

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  1. DMU (Des Moines University) site is very helpful for the answers of the questions about Global health. The Global Health Program consider how dynamic processes of change affect health worldwide. It views health issues and health care in all countries , including the United States. These program influenced by health and disease. It provides an understanding of related phenomena, such as infections and chronic diseases,environmental hazards,climate change and natural disasters, fitness ,use of drugs, interventions against violence, war and injuries, links etc.
    DMU has exciting opportunities to learn more on global health.

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