NAACP – ACT-SO: looking for science mentors

ACT-SO is a major education initiative sponsored by the national NAACP organization at the local and national levels. It is a community-based program that matches students with mentors who have professional and or life-learned experience in academic and fine arts. ACT-SO is a year-long, community-based collaboration that involves the mobilization of students who are committed to perfecting their gifts. The collaboration is depended on the expertise of professional and life learned adults to serve as mentors, coaches and competition judges in the 25 ACT- SO categories.

ACT-SO is looking for mentors, coaches and judges in the sciences – options include biology/microbiology, chemistry/biochemistry, medicine and health, amongst others. DMU students are encouraged to volunteer. Please note that the commitment to coach/mentor is longer term. You may only meet with the student occasionally, but this role is not a one-time experience. If you know that your time is limited, but you still want to be involved, consider volunteering as a competition judge.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Iowa

The Ronald McDonald House in Des Moines is looking for volunteers. This is an opportunity to volunteer with children and families who are experiencing long term illnesses. While some there are some volunteer options for one-time experience, there are numerous opportunities to have a recurring role. As a relief volunteer, there is an expectation of a 3-4 hour shift; you can do this weekly or monthly and evening, weekend and overnight shifts are available. If this is of interest to you, visit theĀ Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Iowa onlineor contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Tiffany Finch, at 515-243-2111.

Volunteer Interpreters for Emergency Services

The Iowa Council for International Understanding (ICIU) is looking for individuals who are interested in being volunteer interpreters. To meet the growing need for emergency interpretation services in our state we are currently looking to further market and expand our emergency interpretation services across the state. In order to do this, we must have a strong network of volunteer interpreters to ensure that we can respond to each and every emergency call we receive. Being a volunteer interpreter is a very minimal time commitment, and you will only be called upon for actual emergency situations. The only requirement we have for volunteer interpreters is that they are self-proclaimed bilingual and would be comfortable interpreting for any emergency situation. For more information, download the Volunteer Emergency Interpreter application on theĀ ICIU website.