Sarah Parrott, Des Moines University Family and Internal Medicine

Sarah Parrott, D.O., FAAFP

Chair and Associate Professor, Osteopathic Clinical Medicine

Additional Roles
Physician, Family Medicine Clinic
Associate Professor, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program

Clinical Interests: As a family physician, I am trained to take care of both males and females from the time they are newborns until they are 110 years old.  I enjoy partnering with patients who have multiple chronic conditions to set and meet their own health care goals.  I have special interests in obesity management and providing compassionate care for the LGBTQ+ population.  I provide basic OMT (osteopathic manual treatment) to my patients when it is indicated and they request it.  

Teaching Interests: To me, nothing is as professionally rewarding as watching a medical student’s doctoring skills grow throughout their education.  Upon graduation, DMU students will become my colleagues and care for me and my family.  I enjoy coaching students who are struggling with interview, examination, or documentation skills.  I participate in various Inter-Professional Education events at DMU so osteopathic and podiatric student physicians can learn together with students in a variety of other health care fields to practice what they will be doing in the workplace after graduation. 

Bachelor of Science in Journalism (BSJ), University of Kansas (Lawrence), 1991
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Des Moines University, 2002
Residency in Family Medicine at University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City, KS, 2005

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