Roberta Wattleworth
Position Professor - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical director - Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory (SPAL)
Professor - Family Medicine

2011 research

My project is on health literacy- we are preparing videos and brochures to dispense to area cities’ citizens and clinicians to increase communication between medical care providers and their patients.  The videos will be created here at DMU, and then presentations on common health literacy problems will be given to 10 cities around Iowa in an effort to decrease miscommunication between clinicians and their patients.  City librarians will also be trained to provide guidance to patients who come looking for information on health literacy since libraries will be the repositories for the brochures and videos which can be checked out. Topics include how to communicate with patients who have English as a second language, the hospitalized patient, parents of newborns, adolescents, and the elderly.