Nikki Cook, D.O.'15

StudentDoctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program

Hometown:  San Diego, CA
Undergraduate:  University of Arizona
Age: 24

Any advice for prospective students?

Don’t stress out and be persistent, if you don’t get in the first time keep trying!  Enjoy the undergraduate days!

Extracurricular activities

I love to exercise by running, rock climbing, and kick boxing.  I also enjoy getting involved with all the volunteer opportunities through DMU.  I also have a little dog that I love to spend time with.

Why DMU?

I spent a week every summer in IA and I love the people here.  There is a lot more to do in Des Moines than I had previously thought.  I really enjoyed my interview here compared to the others, the students and staff were friendly and inviting. I also like the teamwork aspect they try to emphasize.

Career objectives:

Right now I’m strongly considering emergency medicine.  I’m an adrenaline junkie and I love the excitement and chaos and not knowing what will come in the door next.  Along with emergency medicine, I want to incorporate medical missions into my career.  Right now I have a trip planned for Ecuador this summer.

Favorite thing about Des Moines:

Climb Iowa, the bike paths, Ragbrai, and the people!