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Karen Zylstra, D.P.T.'12

Student, Karen Zylstra

Hometown: Bedford, VA
PT School Attended: Boston University
Age: 57
Class: Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy – Class of 2012

Current employment:

I work as the sole P.T. for Lynchburg City Schools in Lynchburg, VA. In addition, I work a few hours a month at a local assisted living facility.

Any advice for prospective students?

Plan to set aside quality time to study for your classes. Thorough and well thought through work will be necessary to do well in the program. I took my time learning the ins and outs of the program in the orientation class and it was a great foundation for subsequent classes.

Extracurricular Activities:

I have been taking Jazzercise with the same instructor for 14 years and I enjoy keeping active physically. I have a special interest in reading for relaxation, and I enjoy Biblical apologetics as a special area of study.

Why DMU?

I felt that the cost of the program was very reasonable. The online format was attractive and convenient. Most important, the course offerings appeared to be challenging and interesting. The program can be finished in as little as 2 years or as many as 5. I liked the idea that I could take extra time to finish my studies if I needed to for some reason.

Career objectives:

I would like to obtain my Pediatric Clinical Specialist certification through the APTA once I am finished with the PPDPT program in order to further my knowledge and provide quality, evidence-based therapy to my young clients. In addition, I want to work closely with the new D.P.T. program in our city mentoring younger students in our profession.

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